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Decluttering Regrets

Decluttering Regrets
Posted By @ Oct 30th 2018 1:09pm In: Miscellaneous

·     Decluttering has been a trend since the release of Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”
·     Moving forces us to declutter
·     People often regret decluttering certain items

A few years back, Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up was released. Focusing on decluttering around the house, Kondo suggested taking each object we own, holding it in our hands, and asking ourselves whether it brings joy. If not, toss it out.

At the time the book was released, I was 2 years out from the most stressful move I had experienced… While moving from Phoenix to Cornville, I ended up living in 3 different places within 7 months due to weird circumstances that seemed never to end, none of which I had any control over. When I finally found and bought the house I live in now, I had gotten rid of probably 1/3 of my belongings, using logic, with no sense of joy at all. I was just DONE with moving.

Moving is stressful. It’s one of life’s biggest stressors, right up there with divorce and getting fired. Moving also forces you to get rid of stuff. When you’ve packed your 90thbox, inanimate objects begin to lose their appeal. When I was down to sentimental but useless items, I just started tossing without much thought.
Kondo’s book sparked a trend and a lot of conversations about how we live. And now, 3 years later, people are posting about their declutter regrets. So if you’re either buying or selling a house, learn from others mistakes and avoid your own regrets! I know I got rid of some books and art supplies too easily…

Here are the regrets people post most often…
1.    Handmade items
2.    Clothes that don’t fit or those in perfect condition
3.    Photos
4.    Old magazines
On the other hand, getting rid of old cosmetics, old tech, and worn-out clothes actually provided a feeling of relief for many people.
What about you? Is decluttering part of the plan for your next move?

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