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First Time Home Buyer?

Fri, May 18th 2018 11:10 am by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Feeling excited and very motivated, but unsure about your first steps?
It’s true. Before you can unlock the door to homeownership, there are some important steps you have to take. The process of finding and buying your first home has challenges that go beyond finding a home in a great location with a cool interior. And for most people, a home is the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetime. It can be a very emotional experience!
Jan and Wally have supported and positioned many first-time home buyers. They start by providing a list of questions that you would consider together, so that you are fully aware of your options and yo...

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From Cape Cod to Sedona!

Tue, May 15th 2018 2:04 pm by Cynde Haan Events

From one paradise to another...
Jan and Wally were an integral part of helping these Easterners find a warm place in the sun here in Sedona. Their new Spanish style vacation home has the feeling of living in a Hacienda with first class appointments and finishes.
With some of the most incredible views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and Box Canyon we imagine they will be spending quite a lot of time here.
Wouldn’t you love this view?

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More Happy Clients!

Thu, May 10th 2018 11:14 am by Cynde Haan Events

We so appreciate when buyers take the time to review our services because it means they're happy! Today I’d like to share some reviews that Jan Bigelow has received on Zillow… All five-star reviews! Remember, if you, your friends, or family members are considering either buying or selling in the Sedona area, working with Jan and Wally will be a great experience from start to finish.

The first is from Ms. Matousek, a home shopper from California, looking to relocate. She recently spent a couple days touring homes throughout Sedona and the Village…

"Jan is great. She showed us about 15 houses throughout Sedona and some nearby ranches. She obviously knows the market and the real estate bus...

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Selling your Home: Goals Determine Your Strategy

Tue, May 8th 2018 2:02 pm by Cynde Haan Events

Along with your realtor, you’ll develop a strategy to sell your house. You’ll have to determine the price, what you need to do to prepare, and how to market it.
Your priorities, as well as how well you can tolerate risk, will impact this strategy. Some people are comfortable with risk-taking: others, not so much.
Ask yourself the following questions to help you build a strategy with your agent that you’ll be comfortable with…
Why are you selling your home now?
Do you have time pressures?
What’s your timeframe for closing and moving? Is it flexible?
What is your budget for preparing your home for sale? Remember we talked last week about curb appeal, freshening paint, etc.

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Happy Buyers!

Fri, May 4th 2018 11:46 am by Cynde Haan Events

Bill and Aurora Spuhler had been renting their home in Vista Montana for over 10 years when the landlord decided it was finally time to sell…
The Spuhlers are very happy purchasers! They are now experiencing the joys of home ownership, including new, fresh paint colors of their choice and some really nice finishes. The home is finally, uniquely, theirs.
Here’s the happy couple on a recent Pink Jeep Tour.
If you’ve been on the fence about either selling or buying in Sedona, Jan and Wally work with both sellers and buyers. Give them a call or send an email through this site.

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What do you think of this weather???

Thu, May 3rd 2018 10:48 am by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

Yesterday I had to drive to Flag for a dentist appointment, and went through the worst rain storm I can remember. I almost had to pull off the road. Then, when I closer to Flag, it was snowing like crazy, and cars were slowed to 65 MPH. And you know, usually when you drive this stretch on the 17, people are zooming past you even if you’re going 75.
But apparently, snow in May is not all that unusual for Flagstaff. Flagstaff is easily the snowiest big city in the state. It averages 101.7 inches of snow per year, according to National Weather Service statistics. Flagstaff's snowiest winter was in 1972-73, when it recorded 210 inches.
According to AZ Central, Flagstaff has had snow this late...

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Closing the Deal!

Wed, May 2nd 2018 12:59 pm by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

Closing the Deal
Imagine that all your hard work in getting your house ready to sell has paid off, and you’re getting an offer from a buyer.
What are some of the things you need to consider at this stage of selling your home?
To start, you’ll have to closely examine the offer. Offers contain the sales price, closing date, conditions (like closing costs or a home warranty), earnest money, and the inspection period.
In the current Sedona housing market, there’s a good chance that you’ll receive multiple offers. It’s important to meet with your agent so you understand all the terms of the offers, so you can determine which offer is best. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions!
Here are so...

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Another positive review!

Wed, May 2nd 2018 2:54 am by Leah Kolb Miscellaneous

Home shoppers from California, looking to relocate, had a great time touring homes throughout Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. Thanks for the review!

"Jan is great. She showed us about 15 houses throughout Sedona and some nearby ranches. She obviously knows the market and the real estate business really well, being able to provide perspective on relative prices, pros, and cons of each house and neighborhood, trends in the market over time, etc. It became very clear that she is someone who is very empathic and understands what we are looking for and quickly adjusts what she showed us to reflect that understanding. She also has a great attention to detail (e.g., providing us maps with ...

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Prices Going up in Sedona!

Mon, Apr 30th 2018 10:50 am by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

Happy Monday!
The latest S&P Case-Shiller® Home Price Index® was published yesterday and includes sales between December 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018.
Nationally, Phoenix is in 8th place at .92%, moving from 12th last month, but not quite joined the upper echelons. It is well ahead of the national average of 0.42%.
Here are the year-over-year changes:
Seattle 12.7%
Las Vegas 11.6%
San Francisco 10.1%
Detroit 8.4%
Denver 8.4%
Los Angeles 8.3%
San Diego 7.6%
Tampa 7.1%
Portland 6.7%
Atlanta 6.5%
Charlotte 6.4%
Phoenix 6.4%
Dallas 6.4%
New York 6.0%
Minneapolis 5.8%
Boston 5.7%
Miami 4.6%
Cleveland 4.1%
Chicago 2.6%
Washington 2.4%

Phoenix is still in the middle of the pack, moving up from 14th place last mon...

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Happy Buyer Story!

Fri, Apr 27th 2018 11:42 am by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

This is Stu. He bought a home from Jan five years ago, moving to Sedona after living in Alaska for 30 years. He and his wife purchased their house in the Village for when they retired, and have been here six months.
Stu says they are having the time of their lives – celebrating the sunshine, traveling to Utah, Lake Powell, Santa Fe. They love the diversity Sedona has to offer, and how easy it is to get to so many interesting places from here.
This is Stu at the top of Slick Rock Trail in Moab, Utah. Another happy new Sedona resident!

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Sedona Art Event

Thu, Apr 26th 2018 11:56 am by Cynde Haan Events

SedonaKind is having a fundraiser on Sunday, May 6th at the Sedona Arts Center from 1-4 p.m. to raise funds for their organization. SedonaKind is an unusual organization, formed to “encourage acts of kindness, large and small, locally and around the world.”
Cool, right? They do things like thanking unrecognized local residents for everyday efforts, creating "kindness charms" to be discovered in unexpected places by visitors and locals alike, and following their mantra of sharing acts of kindness every day. Here’s a link to check it out.
They are raising funds using a silent art auction, but each piece, an original work of art by Leor Warner, has a “buy it now” price. His ...

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How to Beat the Competition

Wed, Apr 25th 2018 11:52 am by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

We’ve been talking about the Sedona housing market and how low the inventory is right now. Especially if you’re looking in a popular neighborhood, you can expect to compete against several other offers. These are some additional ways to beat the competition – building on what we reviewed a couple weeks back.
It can be very stressful to find your dream house, in your dream neighborhood, and then have to outbid other people to actually buy it.
Your agent can help you with a plan to prepare the winning bid. Here are some strategies that can help set you apart from the competition in a seller’s market.
Get Pre-Approval rather than Pre-Qualification
You will need a pre-approval letter during th...

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Marketing has Changed!

Mon, Apr 23rd 2018 12:21 pm by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

Last week we talked about curb appeal and how to make small improvements to your house to help you get the best price.
How you market your home also makes a huge difference. Creating a lasting first impression is important, because buyer perception is everything.
If you’ve already started looking, you’ll see that different realtors use different marketing strategies. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an agent.
Going through the real estate process is not just a transaction. It’s a major life transition. Because it’s so important, and so much hinges on your decisions and the actions of your agent, you have to be able to openly discuss and express any feelings,...

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Do you Really Need a Realtor?

Fri, Apr 20th 2018 1:07 pm by Cynde Haan Miscellaneous

There are many tools online, and companies available, to help you sell your home on your own. And many people just focus on the bottom line, and would love to save money by not paying a realtor commission.

But, is it a good idea? Keep in mind that realtors are subject matter experts, whose job is to save you time and effort, and to prevent any unnecessary actions that may cause delays, errors, or even illegal transactions during the selling process.

In 2016, 88% of homeowners used a realtor. Let’s take a look at the reasons they decided to use a professional.

Market Expertise is the biggest reason. While you may have looked at houses online for a few months to get an idea of what your ...

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Don't Use the Wrong Sites!

Thu, Apr 19th 2018 12:23 pm by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, chances are you looked up your current home on Zillow. One of the main functions of Zillow is to estimate the value of your home, based on comps, or comparisons with similar homes that have sold nearby.

Zillow, as well as Trulia and other, similar sites, also list real estate openings, and provide a way for you to engage a realtor when you find a home you like.

There are a couple of problems with visiting these sites. For one thing, the home values can be wildly off-base. I sold a home in Phoenix about 5 years ago, and Zillow underestimated the value by almost $80,000. It was a pleasant surprise to learn what the true value was, from a profess...

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Make Your Home Shine to Sell Quickly!

Tue, Apr 17th 2018 12:31 pm by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

You’ve probably heard the basics about getting your house ready to sell. “Paint the walls a neutral color,” “Don’t allow pets to be present when showing the house,” etc. This article will give you the specifics – how to make a great first impression so that you can prepare your home for sale, and get top dollar. 

Declutter and depersonalize: We ALL have too much stuff, and that can be distracting to buyers. So it’s important to de-clutter your home, and to de-personalize it. What does that mean? Well to start, eliminate as much clutter as possible: books, storage boxes, pet toys, knick-knacks, etc. Neutralize your space as much as you can, so that buyers have a ‘clean slate’ and can imag...

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How to Compete in a Seller's Market

Mon, Apr 16th 2018 12:33 pm by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

As we talked about in the newsletter, Sedona home inventory is at an all-time low with only 180 current, active listings. In 2008 there were 486 active listings. Inventory has declined every year since. This creates challenges for many would-be buyers. Homes are being snatched up within a matter of days.

So, what should home buyers do in this tight market? Here are a few steps buyers can take to help land the winning bid, while protecting themselves from paying more that they should:

1.      Get a pre-approval letter. This shows the seller that you qualify, and also gives you an idea of how much of a mortgage you can afford so that you can limit your search to houses within your price rang...

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Just Sold!!!

Fri, Apr 13th 2018 11:46 am by Cynde Haan Sedona Real Estate Market News

With the current low inventory of homes, vacant land sales are heating up in Sedona… Have you ever dreamed of building your own home? We can help you find the view of your dreams!
A local family just bought this gorgeous creek side property – 2.5 acres of lush greenery alongside Oak Creek. We can’t wait to see what they build!

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April 18: Alcantara Vineyards Fundraiser for the Verde Valley Humane Society

Thu, Apr 12th 2018 12:33 pm by Cynde Haan Events

The Kick-Off Fundraiser for the Verde Valley Humane Society will be held at Alcantara Vineyards in Cottonwood on April 18, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Alcantara Vineyards and Winery is located at 3445 S Grapevine Way, Cottonwood, AZ.
This event is to help raise money to build new puppy kennels and a play area.
You’ll enjoy local wine, appetizers, raffle prizes and more! Pulled pork entrée provided by Colt Grill, located in Old Town Cottonwood. Entertainment will be provided by Jazz Group, the Diana Lee Quartet.
The cost for this event is $75 per person or $100 per couple. Corporate packages are available.
Purchase your tickets online at Donations are kindly accepted on...

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Earth Day Verde Valley: Coming April 22

Wed, Apr 11th 2018 12:13 pm by Cynde Haan Events

Earth Day is coming up! Check out the link at the end of the article to see all the Verde Valley Earth Day events.
Do you know how this celebration began?
In the late 60s and early 70s, air pollution caused by factories and car exhaust was considered the ‘smell’ of prosperity. Americans were pretty much oblivious to environmental concerns.
But people were reading Rachel Carson’s best-seller, Silent Spring, and by 1970, there was a small environmental movement, and people were becoming more aware of the links between pollution and public health.
The founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson, was a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, and he was inspired to make changes after witnessing the ravages of a...

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