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New Smart Home Device

Posted By @ Jul 6th 2017 11:19pm In: Miscellaneous

Everyone wants to find a way to save money on heating and cooling bills these days.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to save money AND be more comfortable in your home?

Have you heard about the new “Smart Home” tools now available? EcoBee is one of those smart tools that we have enjoyed this past year.


It’s an affordable solution that touts a 23% average savings. It’s more than a smart thermostat; it’s your answer to a smarter home. Not only have we saved money, but our home is also more comfortable without hot and cold spots.

My favorite part…. you can control everything from your smart phone. Heat or cool your home from anywhere. On a warm summer day you can see the temperature in your home and turn on the air when you leave your office. Your home will be nice and cool when you walk in the door. The same will apply in the winter. It happens to most of us…you arrive home and have to leave your big parka on while you wait for the house to warm up. With EcoBee those days are gone.

Most thermostats are placed somewhere in the home (like a hallway) that isn’t even close to the rooms we use most often. EcoBee thermostats paired with room sensors deliver the preferred temperature to the rooms that matter. That's how it helps manage pesky hot and cold spots, and provide your family with whole home comfort.

ecobee thermostat

It works like this…you purchase a smart wi-fi thermostat and a few sensors that you put in each room or comfort zone. The sensors read temperature and occupancy. There’s a setting called “Follow Me” that uses room sensors to know which room you’re in and automatically adjust to your preferred temperature. It’s basically like having a thermostat in every room and your system makes adjustments based on the settings you program from your phone or computer.

For more information check out their website.

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