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Sedona Neighborhoods

Sedona is divided into three main areas. If you travel to Sedona via Highway 179, the first area you will come to is the Village of Oak Creek (VOC). The VOC has been referred to as the gateway to Sedona. You're right on the edge of Red Rock Country, and the first two giant Red Rocks to greet you will be Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. VOC is also home to three of our four local golf courses.

Continuing along on Highway 179, you will enter the gallery district just before you reach the intersection with State Route 89A. If you turn right on 89A you will quickly find yourself in Uptown. That's where you will find the Sedona Welcome Center, in addition to a wide selection of stores featuring unique Sedona souvenirs, galleries and some excellent restaurants.

If you turn left on 89A, you will be in West Sedona where you will find practical things like grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, restaurants and other stores and shops. You can't go wrong in any of these areas if you're considering Sedona Real Estate

There is always something exciting to do or see.  Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply hanging out and enjoying Sedona’s unique culture. It is the people that make Sedona special.  And speaking of special, click on the link below to see a 33 minute professional video that used to play at the IMAX theatre in Sedona. 

Sedona IMAX Movie

When it’s time to move, call us to get a representative on your side who has experience, Sedona market knowledge, and the confidence to help you make the best transaction possible. Enjoy!  Jan and Wally