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For buyers or sellers of luxury homes in Sedona, there are advantages to working with Jan Bigelow, a Member of The Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP)

SLREP members hold themselves to a higher standard (see items below) to ensure the seller experiences a less frustrating and more professional experience in selling his/her property.

There are 25 agents in the group, and these 2013 statistics show how effective they are selling luxury property in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

  • Of the 33 closed sales over $1,000,000, a SLREP agent was the listing agent, the selling agent or both in 30 of those sales.
  • SLREP agents represent approximately 4% of all the agents in the Verde Valley
  • Therefore, this small group of splendid agents was involved in over 90% of the sales of luxury homes.  

SLREP Showing Protocol/Differentiators:

  • SLREP agents demonstrate the highest respect for the seller’s property and privacy.
  • All prospects are pre-qualified before any showing.
  • Showing appointments are scheduled with as much advance notice as possible.
  • On arrival, the buyer’s agent introduces his/her clients.
  • The buyer’s agent shall leave a business card.
  • Feedback on each showing shall be requested by the listing agent in a timely fashion.
  • SLREP agents aspire to cooperate with and support the entire real estate community in achieving the sale of this property.
  1. GET THE BEST POSSIBLE ADVICE TO OBTAIN THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE. You work with an agent who, because of increased exposure to luxury properties, has more knowledge of your competition as well as market trends, and can best advise you on pricing and how to achieve the highest possible sales price for your property.
  2. RECEIVE ADDITIONAL EXPOSURE FOR YOUR PROPERTY AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE. Added exposure through the SLREP venues of advertising (web, print and personal promotion) increases the chance of the property selling more quickly and at a higher price point.
  3. VISITORS TO YOUR HOME ARE PRE-QUALIFIED. SLREP members know which of the other SLREP agents have qualified buyers currently searching the market in the price range of your property. In this way, SLREP agents share in an active, pre-qualified buyer pool.
  4. TAP INTO THE BEST. SLREP members, who are responsible collectively for the largest percentage of luxury home sales on an annual basis, will tour your home to evaluate property condition, make suggestions to improve the appearance and marketability and offer an opinion on the suggested list price. Their collective knowledge in preparing the property for sale and pricing it appropriately help you sell for the highest possible price in a reasonable time frame and before your property becomes market weary.
  5. KNOW YOUR PROPERTY IS “PRESENTED,” NOT SIMPLY SHOWN. SLREP members are serious about their business. They brief each buyer and buyer’s agent about your home such as square footage, number of levels, view type and range, and other special features prior to scheduling a showing. Therefore, useless showings occur less frequently with a SLREP member as your listing agent.
  6. ASSURE SHOWINGS ARE PRODUCTIVE. SLREP agents accompany less experienced agents on a tour through your home assuring that special finishes which may escape the notice of the buyer or their agent are brought to their attention and value for such is taken into consideration by the buyer.
  7. UTILIZE THE POWER OF NETWORKING. SLREP agents network to help each other sell their listings. This is additional support for sellers in Sedona by adding a proven and successful workforce to your listing agent’s repertoire for successfully marketing your home.
  8. GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. By and large, a seller pays the same commission to an agent to sell their home whether that agent is informed, professional, proven with years of success behind them or not. Why wouldn’t you want the best? SLREP agents are all that and more.
  9. WORK WITH PROFESSIONALS WHO GO THE EXTRA MILE. SLREP members aspire to a higher level of education about construction quality, the value of materials and finishes, appliance value, design trends and other details. Attending specialized educational presentations prepares SLREP agents to price a seller’s property properly to reflect its features, and places the SLREP agent on the cutting edge of awareness to knowledgeably present the features of the property during showings.

Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals

                 *Jan Bigelow is the only member of Make Sedona My Home that is also a member of SLREP