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How buyers of Luxury Homes in the Sedona area benefit from Working with Jan Bigelow, a Member of The Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP)

  1. SAVE TIME AND SECURE THE BEST PROPERTY. Because SLREP agents have in depth knowledge of the current inventory of luxury property, buyers will benefit from tapping into that information.
  2. SAVE MONEY. More experience equals greater negotiating skills. Collectively, SLREP members have an astounding 464 years of combined experience and an average of over 23 years in real estate per member to put to work for you.
  3. BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Because SLREP members are well-known and active members of the REALTOR® community, buyers benefit from working with someone who has earned the respect of his or her peers.
  4. ENJOY THE “INSIDE” ADVANTAGE. Every two weeks, SLREP agents meet to discuss their “pocket listings,” those which are coming to the MLS in the future and those properties, whose owners are not ready for MLS exposure, but who are willing to sell. By working with an agent who knows not only what is in MLS, but also knows available properties not yet on the market, buyers will not miss out on any property perfect for them.
  5. LEARN COMMUNITY ISSUES: SLREP members are knowledgeable, not only about legislative issues affecting the City and State, but also about projects, plans, and events about which an informed buyer would want to be aware in order to make the most advantageous purchase in the best location, both now and into the near future.
  6. ACCESS THE MOST UP-TO-DATE MARKET KNOWLEDGE. A buyer is generally not aware of market trends or imminent changes in the market. A continual stream of up-to the minute information shared among SLREP agents means they are the first to recognize trends, benefitting a buyer’s ability to not only find the perfect property, but to negotiate with confidence.
  7. ENJOY PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE. SLREP members aspire to a higher level of education about house construction, materials and finishes, systems and appliances, design trends and other details significant to function, value and desirability of property. This knowledge helps a buyer recognize and understand the value of properties.
  8. BENEFIT FROM LOCAL KNOWLEDGE. While price per square foot is a useful measure, other factors - more difficult to recognize or measure - may significantly contribute to or detract from value or one’s ability to enjoy the comforts of a home. Examples of such factors are location, orientation, proximity to amenities, and nearby land uses which may or may not be attractive to you such as roads, access to trails, public recreation areas, schools, or airports. SLREP members, because of their in-depth local knowledge, can provide guidance to buyers on these and other important attributes which even though external to the property, may significantly affects its value or desirability.

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                *Jan Bigelow is the only member of Make Sedona My Home that is also a member of SLREP