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Latest Sedona Real Estate Sales Activity

Fri, Jul 10th 2020 7:08 pm by Wally Reule Sedona Real Estate Market News

Here is the three letter word that I would use to describe our Sedona real estate market: HOT!. Notice the caps and exclamation point for emphasis. We have never seen the number of homes under contract this high and the number of homes for sale so low. One year ago we were complaining that there were only 179 active listings, and now there are 139. But why, in this economy, is this happening? What we're hearing from buyers from all around the country is that the pandemic is making them rethink their priorities, and that when the next lock down comes, they would rather do it in Sedona. For full market statistics for the first half of 2020, click here.

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Sedona Real Estate Market Statistics Through May

Tue, Jun 23rd 2020 11:41 pm by Wally Reule Sedona Real Estate Market News

Here are market statistics for sales of homes and land in Sedona for the first five months of 2020. Each category is also compared to the same time period the year before. Sales declined for homes priced under $1,000,000, with 178 sales compared to 191 last year, a decrease of 6.8%. Considering that the market was nearly shut down for a couple of months, that's a surprisingly small decline. However, the median sales price increased to $575,000 from a year ago when it was $555.000, but average price per square foot is virtually unchanged.. Sales of luxury homes experienced a similar decrease with 21 closed compared to 25 in 2019, but the median sales price grew a whopping 38% to $1,555,000...

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Low Interest Rates Compensate for Higher Home Prices

Thu, Jun 11th 2020 8:27 pm by Wally Reule Sedona Real Estate Market News

I read an interesting blurb today about how low interest rates are keeping housing affordable for many buyers. Here's what it said. "the bottom line being that even though average prices are back to where they were at the market peak in April of 2006, the mortgage payment is 30% less! That's because interest rates are over 3% less. Put another way, today's buyer has 30% more buying power for the same cash outlay." I'm betting that interest rates are going to go up before home prices fall,, so it's a good time to buy.

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Russ Lyon Charitable Foundation Makes a Difference

Fri, Jun 5th 2020 4:37 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

One of the things that makes us proud of our affiliation with Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty is the generosity of the company, the agents and the staff. In addition to raising funds for good causes, we have volunteered our time for everything from cleaning up the water shed, to giving books and school supplies to needy students, to ringing the salvation army bells at Christmas. We just got the blurb below. For a feel good moment, visit the website at 

"Since the Russ Lyon Charitable Foundation began in 2014, over $207,293 in donations have gone to close to 70 501c3 charitable organizations through direct donations, sponsorships, matching funds, and fundra...

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Stay at Home Fitness Tip Number 3

Thu, Jun 4th 2020 11:17 am by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is the third in our series of five

.Fitness Tip

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Real Estate Sales in Sedona Remain Strong

Tue, Jun 2nd 2020 12:31 am by Wally Reule Sedona Real Estate Market News

Here is our most recent listing. It's a beautiful home in the Village of Oak Creek, and we had an accepted offer within 24 hours.


120 N Highland Drive
Sedona, AZ

MLS# 523222 - Residential

This Paul Cate custom, ''green'' home design raises the bar when it comes to capturing big views in a gated community. Cathedral Rock & 7 Sisters encircle the entire main living area. 3 Patios, built in exterior kitchen, & 360 views from the observation deck with firepit. Thoughtfully designed, this 3586 sq ft, 3 bdrm & a den home on 1.03 acres boasts geothermal heating & cooling, solar hot water, Low E windows, central vac, stereo system, & motorized exterior window shades. Travertine floors,...

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Another Fitness Tip

Sat, May 30th 2020 4:11 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is the second in our brief series of tips for how to stay fit during the pandemic.          Fitness tip

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Health Benefits of Stairs in Your Home

Mon, May 25th 2020 2:10 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Jan was talking to a new client about homes in Sedona and asked if stairs bothered him. His response was "Not yet." It reminded me of a quote that I came across which I'll have to paraphrase because I don't remember the author, but he said that many centenarians still take the stairs because they never stopped. And there is statistical evidence that shows the longevity benefits of climbing stairs. So, with that in mind, and the fact that I spent over thirty years in the wellness business, I will post some fitness tips over the next few days. Here's the first one.

                  Fitness Apps

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Real Estate Market in Sedona is Healthy

Tue, May 19th 2020 7:24 pm by Wally Reule Sedona Real Estate Market News

In spite of the current pandemic related restrictions, the real estate market in Sedona is still doing quite well, particularly at our office. While our MLS is down about 10% YTD compared to last year, Russ Lyon Sotheby's in Sedona is up 15%. And based on the number of calls and emails we are getting from people who would like their new normal to happen in Sedona, we expect a very busy summer.

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What I Found While Walking the Dog

Mon, May 11th 2020 4:14 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

I know I should be blogging more about real estate here, but I came across this while walking Abby on a local trail and I couldn't resist. OK, to make it relevant, here is another good reason to own a home in the Verde Valley.

                    Purple Flowers

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Great New Testimonial

Fri, May 8th 2020 3:24 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is an incredible new testimonial. I know it's too long to put here in its entirety, but I'm going to anyway, because I don't know what I would take out.

"Let me begin by saying that I am a person who is quite stressed about buying or selling a house. Problem solved by working with Sedona's perfect realtor! Jan Bigelow at Russ Lyon's Sotheby's International Realty is world class. Actually, I found her online and knew from her photograph that she was someone I could trust. I not only enjoyed my time exploring Sedona with her but at every juncture I felt that she had my best interests at heart. She instinctively sought out and worked with what I expressed were my tastes in architecture...

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160 Red Rock Cove Back on the Market

Wed, May 6th 2020 11:54 am by Janet Bigelow Sedona Real Estate Market News

This wonderful home was temporarily taken off the market as a precaution during the virus shut down, but now it is back, with strict safety guidelines for viewing. In case you missed the virtual tour before, here it is again. 

Matterport Virtual Tour

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Reduced Price for Vacant Lot in Sedona

Thu, Apr 30th 2020 4:40 pm by Janet Bigelow Sedona Real Estate Market News

Our clients have told us to reduce the price on this lot, so what was already a good deal has become a great deal! It offers privacy, yet convenience, and an easy build.


160 Pinon Valley
Sedona, AZ

MLS# 521318 - Land

Located a short drive from the restaurants and shops of the Village of Oak Creek, this full one acre lot offers privacy at the end of Pinon Valley Drive. Gentle slope for your builder to place your dream home.

View Listing Details


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Spring Time in Northern Arizona

Fri, Apr 24th 2020 5:17 pm by Janet Bigelow Miscellaneous

I always look forward to the spectacular flowers that this cactus in our front yard produces every spring. Once again, it did not disappoint. And it looks like it has a lot of other babies on the way. I just learned its' name today. Trichocereus Schickendantzii....I'm not making that up....who knew?     


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Virtual Tour of our Listing at 160 Red Rock Cove

Tue, Apr 21st 2020 3:58 pm by Janet Bigelow Sedona Real Estate Market News

In case you haven't taken one of these tours before, click on the link to give it a try. It's great because you decide where to go in the home, you can stay as long as you want in any area and view features from different angles. This home is temporarily off the market, but will come back when the pandemic subsides.

                                     160 Red Rock Cove

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Last Installment in our Series

Sun, Apr 19th 2020 4:48 pm by Janet Bigelow Miscellaneous

Here is the the last of our list of five good things to do to help our neighbors during these challenging times.  Help

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Another Way to Help During the Pandemic

Mon, Apr 13th 2020 4:39 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is idea number 4.

Donate to a Food Bank

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Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Fri, Apr 10th 2020 5:26 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

As you may know, Make Sedona My Home is committed to following environmentally practices. I found this guide below to be a very valuable and practical resource.

The human impact on our planet has become real, prompting us to change our ways; otherwise, we face both unintended and potentially permanent consequences. Unfortunately, many people find going green quite expensive, making it harder for them to make the leap. But really, adopting a green lifestyle doesn't have to drain your wallet. Coupon Chief's Ultimate Guide to Cheap Green Living will show you how. To learn more, visit

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The Third in our Series of Ways to Make a Positive impact

Thu, Apr 9th 2020 12:09 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is another way to help us all get through the lock down. In my opinion, it may be the most important one so far.

                                 Ways to Make a Difference

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Another Way to Have a Positive Impact on Your Community

Tue, Apr 7th 2020 4:05 pm by Wally Reule Miscellaneous

Here is the second in our list of five

                         Positive Impact 2

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